About Sangita

Sangita brings many years of experience in counseling individuals using empathetic and intuitive skills with tarot cards. She helped people of various ethnic backgrounds and many walks of life.


  • Bilingual in Italian and English
  • Heart oriented
  • High awareness of what a person needs
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress expertise
  • Empathetic psychic reader
  • Adept at conflict resolution using ‘Non-Violent Communication’ by Marshall Rosenberg
  • Aromatherapy
  • Prana Healing Energy work and Reiki
  • Massage
  • Gemstones and Crystal knowledge
  • Health and Nutrition knowledge

In my readings with Sangita, I have gained much insight into past events and current situations.
Her studio is very serene and her emphatic nature allows me to be open and receptive.

Ken Z.

I highly recommend trying one of these unique card readings. Sangita is insightful, creative, and fun. After I chose my cards, she explained the traditional interpretation of each one and offered some thoughts about how they might apply to my situation. Our conversation helped me to better understand the question I asked and the possible answers that were offered in the cards.

Julius M.

I had such an amazing reading with Sangita. She was able to identify key energies at play in my life and in that of my friend / possible romantic interest. These are things I had a distant awareness of before but can now clearly recognize thanks to the reading. Sangita is very intuitive and wise. I loved how she was able to share insights and wisdom during our conversation about the reading. I felt I was speaking with a wise old soul about the issues I’m working on in my life. It was incredibly valuable and I learned so much from my time with her. Highly recommended!

Michele M.